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    This week there was a letter in the London Daily Telegraph from a retired doctor, Dr George Birdwood, who qualified in 1953. He wrote: “I have been reflecting on how we would have reacted to a coronavirus epidemic in those days. The answer is not at all, for three main reasons. The Covid-19 virus could not have been identified rapidly enough, if at all. Most cases would have been too mild to attract attention in this season of coughs and sneezes. And the proportion of deaths among elderly people with chronic respiratory disease would have remained much as usual for the time of year. It follows that there would have been no alarm or counter-measures. International trade and travel would have carried on as usual. World stock markets would not have collapsed. And governments would not have needed to get involved. As it is today, we know too much about the coronavirus for our own good but almost nothing about treating its victims or preventing its spread.” What he says makes sense, how much fuss was there when we had Asian Flu in the late 50's and Hong Kong flu I think about 1980? And more recently Bird and Swine flu.
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