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    Hey Guys , since i haven't been online for almost 2 years , i thought id re-introduce myself. My in-game name is I.A.V.4.K and any variations of the latter . I joined this clan well in 2016 back with ar51
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    well ill be!! lookys whos here!! been a long time bro and good to see ur still around,Problem..i heard dreamwater fell apart because Mr bonehead was accepting kids and gave them all admin right and the clan eventually fell apart which i happy that it did for what Mr Bonehead did to the Ar51 clan..but...thats what i heard..lol
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    and I will setup an automated script Edit: Done, script will check server(s) are running every 5 mins
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    Heyyyyy maaateee, long time no see Hope you are fine Very nostalgic yeah, good old days back area
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    Oops accidentally pressed enter 🤣 Where was i ah yes ar51 , the v1.0 cod server . i first came to the forum because i was banned for suspected hacking , i think it was aimbot that i was accused of anyways 🤣and from that moment i thought i might as well stick around because the clan is awesome . I haven't played cod in a while but hopefully as i play more games it will come back to me. I hope all you guys are well , Its great seeing you all again , very nostalgic . Hope you are all well and safe amid the pandemic and hopefully see you guys in game ! Good Luck and Have Fun I.A.V.4.K
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    ruto server is oflline
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    Don't worry . The staff will look into it And fix it
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