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    and I will setup an automated script Edit: Done, script will check server(s) are running every 5 mins
  2. It depends a lot on age and licence details: https://www.gov.uk/ride-motorcycle-moped/bike-categories-ages-and-licence-requirements
  3. I've always wanted to look into the bike licence process, but never really got round to it, but it's definitely something I want to get into when I start earning better £££
  4. ScottSmudger

    Ban Request for Nefarious

    Yeah without B3 being up it isn't really possibl;e to ban a player as a record of them won't be in the database. The easiest way to tell if B3 is up is the ingame advert messages, if they don't show up occasionally (every 30 seconds) then B3 won't be up at all. Right now I'm having issues getting the control panel up so for now only I can restart b3 + the servers, so just let me know by @tagging me or send me a PM.
  5. ScottSmudger

    Ban Request

  6. ScottSmudger

    Call of Duty 4 1.1 to 1.7 Patches



    Automatically installs all of the 1.x cod4 patches Courtesy of @Herecles
  7. ScottSmudger

    Our first hacker

  8. ScottSmudger


    Banned! Thanks
  9. ScottSmudger

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thanks mate I've been wondering when the next donation would come in
  10. ScottSmudger

    Ban Appeal

  11. ScottSmudger

    Ban Appeal

    Unbanned Closed
  12. ScottSmudger

    Do we have discord? And Website lags :O

    Fixed the discord banner on the main page and fixed the page lag Here is the invite: https://discord.gg/E7gCyG8
  13. ScottSmudger

    SX Needs Help to Grow

    Hey all, In order for sX to grow I need people to help me in managing servers and I'm not speaking about cod4. I'm talking about other games that we might not even know exist. I can install, setup and configure any server but managing it I just don't have time for. I don't even care if it's a game I don't have, if you have it and you play a game with friends then lookup getting a server for it. Or if you just have a random game in your Steam library and want to host a game for yourself, then you can. Of course it will need to have sX branding. If you have a game in mind, you need to check a few things: The game supports dedicated servers (and you don't have to rent! Like battlefield, unless you want to pay ). Supports Linux - Ubuntu version 14.10. and ideally has installation/setup instructions with the server files. If the game does not meet at least the first two requirements, then it will not be possible to host for that game. If the game does meet the requirements, then I will: Install and test it Give you access to restart, monitor and configure the server. If you need anymore info just contact me. Thanks, Scott
  14. ScottSmudger

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thanks mate
  15. ScottSmudger

    New Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Thanks mate
  16. ScottSmudger

    Time problem in Crossfire

    *casually wonders why I wasn't told about this months ago* but thanks @GAMEAME! Fixed, set to 20 mins
  17. ScottSmudger

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thanks mate
  18. ScottSmudger

    New Donation ScottSmudger

    Paying for the rest
  19. ScottSmudger

    Crossout Team Action

  20. ScottSmudger

    Need some Help

    You need the cd key The GUID comes from the cd key
  21. ScottSmudger

    Need some Help

    Your rotu stats/rank is saved server side so you should get it back assuming you use the same cdkey/guid as before The other stats will be reset unless you have a backup of your profiles folder
  22. ScottSmudger

    Everyone is a noob...

    Well at least that's over
  23. ScottSmudger

    New Donation Herecles

    Love you bro
  24. ScottSmudger

    Everyone is a noob...

    Okay... Well the shoutbox is here for people to just talk with eachother and to see how everyone is doing where as the purpose of discord was to talk while gaming. You can't do this over the forum as it isn't instant messaging. The forum is for longer and deeper discussions. I haven't played this game but it seems Fredy that you're telling people to suck something up yet you, yourself can't suck it up either so can we please lose the toxic attitude?
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