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  1. Problem


    lol .. david u logged in as a guest . that's why u didn't find the shoutbox
  2. Problem


    Don't worry . The staff will look into it And fix it
  3. Problem

    Ban Request

    unfortunately we can't ban players in the btf4 server as it is an Official Server . we can only shut it down or restart it !
  4. Problem

    DB and B3 plugins code is now public

    oh wow . .you should sell it ++ they still under the name of AR51.eu !
  5. Problem

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thank You Roger You are doing good all the time
  6. Problem

    New Donation from ScottSmudger

    What A generous Guy .. thankx scott
  7. Problem

    New Donation from Herecles

    Gracias Mon Senior ♥
  8. Problem

    Ban Appeal

    Damn it ... i Formated my Pc Yesterday and lost the video !!! ... You Use No-Recoil .. i was recording u for like 20 minutes and its all gone now >.< For Now they'll Unban u ... but i'll keep an eye on you !!
  9. Problem

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thankx Mate . .really appreciated and the fact that i can't donate is hurting me
  10. Problem

    New Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    thankx bro ^^
  11. Problem

    New Donation from Herecles

    thankx a bunch ^^
  12. Problem

    New Donation ScottSmudger

    Niceeee thankx Scottie
  13. Problem

    Problem with my laptop

    Try this .. : Press Windows+R .. Type in Command " msconfig " then press Enter Go to Boot Tab .. then Advanced options Place a tick on number of processores and choose 4 then click ok and save then restart your PC
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