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  1. Haha..yes it is bro..its big for a 500..im 6ft5 and i fit comfortably on it..alot of power,only has 22k miles on it..it runs superb, when i get home ill take some pics of it..
  2. Nice bike bro!! I have a 79 Honda Cx..i restored it last year,painted it matt black with red under lights..looks badass for a classic bike..rubber side down bro!!
  3. Irish ThuG

    New Donation from GAMEAME

    Heyyyy...thanks for the donation!!
  4. Irish ThuG

    New Donation from Herecles

    hey thanks for the kind gesture brother!! have a great day
  5. Irish ThuG

    Crossout Team Action

    hey guys!! as you are aware,i don't play the crossout game for im not really into car games,i liked NFS but other than that im a first person shooter type thug..however since the collapse of the [AR] clan I haven't played or seen anyone in many moons..i will play the crossout game with yall for you guys are my buddies and do miss the old times together..i was just looking in the list of servers and didn't see a crossout server?..is there one that's rented like the cod servers?..i did however see a few servers in the lobby that said (NA)..are these those type of servers?
  6. Irish ThuG

    Hello all

    like I had mentioned...to bad we cant fill them with bots but give them human names..lmao
  7. Irish ThuG

    Computer Refusing to turn on

    Sounds also like the power supply..samething happened my old pc,sometimes Ps die slow or they just quit. .my 2 cents
  8. Irish ThuG

    SX Needs Help to Grow

    hey scott,ill gladly offer my services in any way possible...just tell me what to do and ill be on it,havent done anything like this but im willing and able to learn...thanks
  9. Irish ThuG

    Dont get it

    im done with the [AR51] clan now,all I did was speak the truth on a sensitive matter which of course Duck went overboard with it and he stopped me from playing on the servers which is wrong for I did nothing, its just a shame when a good thing comes to an end after everyone put in so much effort (scott) and some people just will not accept the outcome of their actions..i wish them the best in life and will miss the good times we had there,met a lot of good hearted down to earth players that shared the same interest and am looking forward to see the [sX] clan excel in growing and becoming a more mature clan than others..moving forward people !!
  10. Irish ThuG

    Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Good Deal My Man!!
  11. Irish ThuG

    Dont get it

    You know guys,im still active on the Ar servers for many of my buddies are still there,i keep my mouth shut for not to piss off any of the staff there,i even help out at times to help catch hackers for this is how I roll,i may not contribute money for server fees (which I will soon) but I contribute for helping out for hackers and so forth..i was in the S&D server earlier today and Mouse was there,i couldn't help notice a player called" wtf pasta"..as I spec'd him he was wallhacking hard and glitching everywhere,i told mouse and he didn't do anything..about 4 players !noticed wtf pasta and their !notices wasn't working correctly so I did it and when I did an error popped up saying that I couldn't do so for it was an admin,it was duck..he bad mouthed me and bashed me on the server when I said there was a hacker on the S&D,im just in awe how we struggled so hard to make this clan a very respectable and upheld a good reputation of being an honest good family fun filled server for scott for he was the owner,i don't know why this bothers me so much on how what happened to the family and how scott was treated for all his hard work and dedication for the clan..i feel it was unjust how every one was treated and im very upset to what the [AR51] servers are becoming..i saw about anywhere from 4 to 9 players on the servers that I banned for wh and botting and they let them do this,so I take it that these guys allow this type of behavior and im very proud of the [sX] clan for being against it and hope in due time all of our servers to be full and achieve the good hearted reputation that we strived for when we were in the [Ar] clan,i see that the good guys are leaving and seeking another server to play on and I always mention about a new clan that has a bunch of ass-kicking members that will always be there to help the new players to have a good time in a nice friendly hack free enviorment...as we grow stronger and bigger based on honesty and a good down to earth bunch of guys with the same ideals in life as to enjoy our precious time in playing and meeting new people from all walks of life...happy fragging boys...Thuggy...Dave
  12. Irish ThuG

    Donation from killer_4

    Thanks big guy
  13. Irish ThuG

    Donation from Herecles

    thanks buddy...good deal
  14. Irish ThuG

    Server Requests

    Broadcast was always a good fun map,when we had the moonbase map was awesome also but players found sooooo many glitches it was incredible..always and forever hrdcore crssfire
  15. Irish ThuG

    Donation from GraySnovv

    thanks buddy
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