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  1. Phill

    New Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Tnx mate
  2. Phill

    New Donation ScottSmudger

    Thanks mate
  3. Phill

    Problem with my laptop

    Tnx guys, it's works now
  4. Phill

    New Donation Herecles

    Tnx mate
  5. Phill

    Problem with my laptop

    Hi to all, my problem is that my laptop will not run all four core than me on my computer properties shows that it works only on one core.
  6. Phill

    Hello all

    I agree with you mate, I don't want to advertising on other servers, I ill check on internet where we can advertising our servers. And agree with Teo.
  7. Phill

    Hello all

    Guys we must marketing our servers somewhere, idk really wehere we can do that.
  8. Phill

    New Donation Phill

    I want to help to our family bro
  9. Phill

    New Donation Phill

    Nothing mate, we are one family
  10. Phill

    Server Requests

    Night Crash is soo cool bro
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