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  1. killer_4


    Restarted and its back online
  2. We have the same system in taking bike licence,of course you can pay again and give again for full licence Coz of good weather we have lots of bikes here...i used to drive one back when i was teen but the drivers here dont really pay attention to bikes and i got involve in 2 accidents and eventully give up,prefer 4 wheels since then 😛 i may end up getting a scooter or something some time in the future yours both bikes look nice,enjoy the cool breeze while riding mates
  3. killer_4

    Ban Request for Nefarious

    i didnt find him in echelon...maybe b3 was down that time...weird thing is that there is no recordings of players after 09/05/2018...so i assume it is a few days now... @ScottSmudger
  4. killer_4

    New Donation from Herecles

  5. killer_4

    New Donation from Herecles

    you are oasis for this clan mate,thanks again
  6. killer_4

    New Donation from Herecles

    Thanks again Roger
  7. killer_4

    Rotu Team

    This project died so the topic is closed
  8. killer_4

    New Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Wow thanks a lot mate
  9. killer_4

    Time problem in Crossfire

    yeah its like 2 mins per round lol
  10. killer_4

    New Donation Phill

    Once again thanks Phill
  11. killer_4

    Everyone is a noob...

  12. killer_4

    New Donation Herecles

    Thanks again Roger
  13. killer_4

    New Donation Phill

    A big thanks bro!
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