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  1. Here is what the wizard at the motorbike shop handed me. Seems my battery charging issue was down to a bad connection. This caused this connector to overhead and start to melt. Luckily no fire! Had new chain and sprockets fitted so been out for a blast each night. You can't beat the sheer joy of a motorbike. Guys (and girls) - if you don't ride then start. Get a bike and get out there - I guarantee you will love it!
  2. Yay! Bird is back!! Had to fork out for a new generator/alternator AND a new Regulator / Rectifier ( the brand new one I fitted got fried by too high a voltage from the faulty generator).... so one big pile of cash later ..... hopefully all ok. @ David - waiting to see pics of your CX
  3. It appears the the "wizard" who fixed my bike didn't go to Hogwarts as I still have the charging issue. He must have gone to Bogwarts or Hogpimples academy so she will need to go back for further investigations............... @*##~** !!!! gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........................
  4. The UK govt really messed up the process to get a full bike licence and made it difficult and expensive and very time consuming. Basically they hate bikes and bikers. The worst thing of all is that the law requires first 16y/o moped/scooter is restricted to 30mph! This makes it so dangerous as you cant even keep up with the traffic. Good news is that if your over 24 you can go for Direct Access. Taking direct access means you’ll have a full motorcycle licence without previously holding a licence for a smaller bike for two years – you’ll have no restriction on the size of machine you can ride This site does a really good job of explaining it http://www.geton.co.uk/motorcycle-training-licence/
  5. I wanted a CX500 when I passed by bike test (back in 1978! ) but ended up with an XS500 instead. Still a twin but inline and chain drive. Both bikes are popular to convert to flat trackers and cafe racers at the moment. Take a look at this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kjh2EqH7Ao I'm drooling! Yeah - post some pics of your CX. Would love to see them
  6. That HD's a beautiful ride! Love the paint scheme! Lol @ rubber side down! Nice! Here in England we say "Stay Shiny Side Up!" haha The Honda - is that the CX500? V twin? One of the most bullet proof bikes ever made....The US and UK have same bikes but often different names.
  7. Herecles

    Ban Request for Nefarious

    Reported user: B3 ID/GUID (if known): Reason: Proof (Video - YouTube preferred): Call_Of_Duty_4_-_Modern_Warfare_2018_05.23_-_19_46_48_02.mp4
  8. Herecles

    New Donation from GAMEAME

    Nice one Amine!
  9. Herecles

    New Donation from ScottSmudger

    Thanks Scott! You are a star!! If not for you and your generosity things would be .... well..... not so good ( a big understatement there).
  10. Herecles

    New Donation from Herecles

    Santa arrived early!
  11. Herecles

    New Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Nice one! Thank you!!!
  12. Herecles

    New Donation ScottSmudger

    Thank you! It's really good of you to keep the server running.
  13. Herecles

    Crossout Team Action

    At least I wasn't humiliated - made it to 2:04!
  14. Herecles

    New Donation Phill

    Nice one Phill! Thanks buddy :oD
  15. Hi, Tried both these commands but I get the response "Please try your command after you have been authenticated" Any thoughts?
  16. Herecles

    32 players to 64?

    I think I saw something about wanting to increasing the number of players from 32 to 64 and found this from http://www.inx-gaming.com/kb/view/39/cod4-64-max-players/ I have no idea if this makes sense as have no programming skills as I struggle to program the microwave CoD 4 Server - setting more than 32 players Call of Duty 4 servers, and indeed any of the Call of Duty series, and most Quake server engine based games (Enemy Territory, Jedi Knights etc) by default only allow you to run a maximum of 32 player slots.To increase this simply add the following command to your server startup line: +set ui_maxclients 64Please note that you will only be able to set this line if you have a self-managed dedicated server.If you are running a game server with us, that has more than 32 slots, we should have already set this for you. If in doubt, please contact our support desk. Remember, it is worth considering on Call of Duty 4 servers for example- most maps aren't made to handle more than 32 players.
  17. Herecles

    Computer Refusing to turn on

    Sounds like someone we know has been spending time with the fair sex (girls) and has roooooooooomance on his mind ( and something else I'm sure) I tried talking sweet to my pc on your advice. I said " Come on pet I'm about to push that button that turns you on, if you're good I'll treat you to some high frequency ram with low latency. Now show me your apps but I need to run an anti virus first cos I don't want THAT again". By this time she ( I call my pc a she cos she's a bitch a lot of the time) was getting really wet - damn that water cooling - so she blew my diodes and my hard drive crashed so now I'm relying on my 3.5in floppy.......
  18. Herecles

    Computer Refusing to turn on

    whats your mobo socket & cpu? I might still have a socket 775 intel Q8300 cpu or something somewhere - I'd have to find it . re thermal paste it shouldn't be a huge blob but a thin uniform layer across the heatsink. When I replaced my cpu it came with a plastic template to get thickness right. The paste doesn't have to set or anything for maximum thermal transmission and it's good to go straight away. It doesnt lose its thermal properties over time so you might have wasted time there. Of course cleaning all the bum fluff ** out the fan and heatsink helps. ( we have a x486 pc running NT at work for an ancient database and it's been powered on 24/7 for several years now and it's fine - admittedly it might just about run the very first Prince of Persia from its floppy disc as a maximum minecraft type graphic) ................... ** or fur balls that the wifes cat throws up and pushes into my pc via cd tray.... As Exclusive says you have to go through a process of elimination and change one item at a time. Good luck!
  19. Herecles

    [sX]Rifles server

    I found this http://www.lonebullet.com/mods/download-rifle-sniper-mod-17-call-of-duty-4-mod-free-46152.htm
  20. Herecles

    [sX]Rifles server

    I gave it a go and it was good fun for sure. Full first time I tried to get in.
  21. Herecles

    32 players to 64?

    That's probably what I saw and got it mixed up. ... ... So clearly not only are my programming powers non existent it looks like the old memory is going too!
  22. Herecles

    [sX]Rifles server

    Did you post the clip?
  23. Herecles

    Rotu Team

    Hi, I'm happy and willing to assist you or anyone.
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