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  1. I.A.V.4.K

    Mr 4K

    Well I left the clan after a couple months ... it just wasn't the same as the good old days . After than i kinda stopped playing cod all together except for random ROTU games on sX servers. To be honest i don't know what happened , One day i noticed the website was down and the servers and that was that💩 . Yeah that also annoyed me too Thuggy , some of the admins didn't know the difference between wall hack and aimbot 😂 Its Great seeing you guys again , hope y'all are safe too , we have a lot of good memories together See you guys hopefully in game some time 😏
  2. I.A.V.4.K

    Mr 4K

    Oops accidentally pressed enter 🤣 Where was i ah yes ar51 , the v1.0 cod server . i first came to the forum because i was banned for suspected hacking , i think it was aimbot that i was accused of anyways 🤣and from that moment i thought i might as well stick around because the clan is awesome . I haven't played cod in a while but hopefully as i play more games it will come back to me. I hope all you guys are well , Its great seeing you all again , very nostalgic . Hope you are all well and safe amid the pandemic and hopefully see you guys in game ! Good Luck and Have Fun I.A.V.4.K
  3. I.A.V.4.K

    Mr 4K

    Hey Guys , since i haven't been online for almost 2 years , i thought id re-introduce myself. My in-game name is I.A.V.4.K and any variations of the latter . I joined this clan well in 2016 back with ar51
  4. I.A.V.4.K

    Need some Help

    Thanks i guess i have to start all over again
  5. I.A.V.4.K

    Need some Help

    Thanks but... I can't find the Cd key But i know my Guid so how can i work with that ?
  6. I.A.V.4.K

    Need some Help

    Hey bro-ski's So recently i have not been on cod4 for a couple months now and my pc somehow had deleted cod4 so i was wondering if there is any way i can get all my old stats back such as my cd Key and /or Guid and my stats online such as my ranking in ROTU Thanks in advance Ps: i have kinda had forgotten how cod4 works and all of that things so i simple Tut would be nice
  7. I.A.V.4.K

    Donation from Herecles

    Thanks Roger you're the best Ps : I still haven't seen Mildred Any idea when she's coming ^^
  8. I.A.V.4.K

    Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Thank you
  9. I.A.V.4.K

    Dont get it

    Yea i saw that Thuggy...ver ysad duck has made ar into a pure dictatorship luckily Dusty is still there to keep him in check ... Thanks Roman that one of the reasons why i am still in ar to make sure that the servers are atleast clean and enjoyable for others...lately tho i have become more apthetic towards ar and more fervourous towards sX Every time i join the old forum it becomes more empty and unfriendly....I misss the old days where we all had fun now it just isn't the same i wish things had turned out diferently but they didn't ... I am grateful though that we/There is now have sX , a clan with the best people around We are Ass-kickers because even through afflictions we grow more like a family and less like a clan And as Steve jobs said : "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future."
  10. I.A.V.4.K

    Donation from Herecles

    Thanks Roger the Billionaire
  11. I.A.V.4.K

    Fun Park

    Lol A truck D: that's one way to take out a sniper
  12. I.A.V.4.K

    Rotu Team

    Events like double xp or onslaught would be really awesome.. Just need to figure out the time for timezones
  13. I.A.V.4.K

    Fun Park

    we should play this after every denied ban appeal
  14. I.A.V.4.K

    Rotu Team

  15. I.A.V.4.K

    Fun Park

    Shame .. she didn't see it cumming
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