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  1. why the hell do i still live in South africa when Uk is better ^^
  2. what's the legal age to get a bike license in the uk ?
  3. davecod4

    Crossout Team Action

    lol epic match
  4. davecod4

    Everyone is a noob...

    i think you need to go to crossout devs and ask them for the conversation ... you seem to be too wrapped up in your own world to see anything else calling me a liar cause you don't know the story ? proves my point about you
  5. davecod4

    Everyone is a noob...

    he didn't block me ... this specific person ... Eleanor insulted me from the previous round see you get upset and you don't even know what you talking about lol
  6. davecod4

    Everyone is a noob...

    i think fred left out some of the story ... only telling half a story isn't very helpful He got involved in a conversation that had nothing to do with him, then he got upset cause we told him to stay out of it ( kinda childish from a 35 year old) he rages and insults anyone who makes a mistake on our team , almost like he is Mr perfect .... (Or not) Fred wasn't like this is the begin but good his true colours came out sooner rather than later Peace out Fred was nice knowing you
  7. davecod4

    Computer Refusing to turn on

    this happened to me awhile ago ... while on ar51 it was my cpu that was fried
  8. davecod4


    my shoutbox is missing help
  9. davecod4

    Rotu Team

    Hey all So Rotu is up and running like before, what we would like now, is a team of people to help with running and giving new ideas for maps and music etc if you would like to be involved reply below
  10. davecod4

    Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    noobs with boobs
  11. davecod4

    Donation from 0lorin

    thanks man
  12. davecod4

    Donation from GraySnovv

    thanks m8
  13. davecod4

    Donation from Amma Gamla

    amma ^^
  14. davecod4

    Some things are not configured in sX DB !

    Still alot to do .... Scott is working alone give him time
  15. davecod4

    Donation from Herecles

    thanks doc
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