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  1. Zeph

    New Year, New Beginnings!

    ===== Fixed Re-spawning on All Servers, There is now NO DELAY for any gametypes. @Irish ThuG Thank you for pointing it out, sorry took so long for me the fix Working on adding final fillcam. Planned servers: Normal: FFA All Maps FFA Small Maps Modded: Deathrun - AurA Server Manager iC3 Sniper Mod Normal Mode Sniper Only GunGame =====
  2. Zeph

    New Year, New Beginnings!

    ====== *Added another server to list [sX] ^XP HC Small Maps - ======
  3. Hey people, @ScottSmudger and Myself have been working to get some servers going. We currently have: [sX] ^XP HC Crossfire 24/7 - [sX] ^XP HC Killhouse 24/7 - [sX] ^XP HC All Maps - [sX] ^XP HC Small Maps - We have made the decision to have all of our severs set to HighXP as the game is 13 years old we don't see any reason to keep stock scoring anymore We have more to come.. including 1.0 servers but for the time being as I am the one setting servers up progress will be slow as I still don't have my own PC.. We have plans to have modded servers depending on popularity of our stock servers with enhancement scripts I will take server suggestions, even for other games just hit me up here or in a PM. We want to try and make SectorX the place to be for everyone's gaming wants and needs, be it high performance servers to a place to chill and meet other gamers. I know we hit a massive rock in the last couple of years with everyone going inactive for one reason or another hell, even I went MIA for over two years, but now I'm back and I'm back with more enthusiasm than I've had in the past. I wish everyone the very best and here is too a great 2020 for all of us!
  4. Zeph

    Problem with my laptop

    When you boot press F8/DEL or What ever it asks for you to get into the BIOS Reset to default settings then try and boot into windows again and check your core count If that doesn't work download CPU-Z from here tell us if it gives you any warnings about your CPU
  5. Zeph

    SX Needs Help to Grow

    Fixed the cod4 servers so people might be actually able to the play the game now My bad for leaving you guys in the shitter with that one
  6. Zeph

    SX Needs Help to Grow

    Do you want to give Minecraft a Stab again? I still have my Multicraft licence
  7. Zeph

    [sX]Rifles server

    +1 from me Do you know if it has been released open-source? If so that would be hella amazing
  8. Zeph

    Fun Park

    Omg, second life is still around? Holy shet
  9. Zeph

    Poll about forum chat avtivation

    You on about Comet Chat? You are aware that is expensive? (Nulled copies are difficult to come by)
  10. Zeph

    Donation from GraySnovv

    Thanks mate
  11. nN made maps? I don't remember this happening
  12. Zeph

    Server Requests

    Gun Game, Paintball (+custom maps) and High Jump server (MP_MOONBASE OR W/E MOFO)
  13. Zeph

    Server Requests

    I am planning on remaking iC3 Sniper for our new community now that we are on 1.8, it seems like it would be a viable option to bring a fun server to our community
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