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  1. FredyC

    Everyone is a noob...

    I am getting bored by this game. I have left the clan. Have fun and bye.
  2. FredyC

    Everyone is a noob...

    I see, now you are even lying? You started it with calling him/her with some insult about blocking you and it continued to the next round where both of you were trying for even more insults like "is eleanor girl name?". Blocking is a natural part of this game, you are blocking me, someone else will always block you. Just suck it up. Crying about it and insulting people in immature in itself.
  3. FredyC

    Everyone is a noob...

    You are also leaving something out. Like that, you have shouted to a person who was on our team at that moment because he blocked you. Something you have done to me numerous times. And that was an actual trigger. My subconscious helped me remember how many times you have blocked me. Tables have turned, someone was blocking you and it was all bad. Winning the game besides, but this alone makes the game less fun for other people too. It's negativity cloud around it. It's rather selfish thinking that others don't feel it. Most people just don't want to mess with it out of pure comfort, but it doesn't mean that it's not hurting them. Do you feel all almighty that you can just say "stay out of it" and I will just shut up and leave it? Well, I am not such a puppet. It had a lot to do with me. I needed wins there and negativity cloud I've mention makes the game annoying. And if you recall, I tried to do it with a sentence "Calm down guys, please" at first. It wasn't enough. And you were just in a negative mood and turned it against me. I tried to be nice, but then I couldn't as your negativity and arrogance switched my emotional button on. You have some rage quits on your account too. About my rage quits, I recall the one which was about uneven PS in our group. On many occasions, you (or someone else) had higher PS then everyone and it was ok. But when I do have something bit higher, suddenly you are like "I am going to solo". Another show of selfish and double measure. Second rage quit was when I was using wasps and you were blocking me with your melee. Yes, it was annoying, but as I said above, I've learned from my mistakes and now I understand it's something you cannot influence that easily. My only true color is that I don't just shut up and let anyone wipe the floors with me. I understand it hurts your ego that not everyone listens to your god-like personality, but that's how it is. If I am among people that are friendly, then I am friendly too. Otherwise, I am always going to defend myself.
  4. FredyC

    Everyone is a noob...

    Yes, winning was more important for me yesterday simply because there was such season mission about it. Normally I don't care either because the win does not give a much extra reward. I even said it about season mission, but I guess you were too busy bickering about someone else making mistakes. That put me into the negative tone and then it was hard to focus on the game. If you don't like someone's gameplay, you have to just suck it up, because that person won't suddenly change his/her style because YOU said so. Purpose of shoutbox still eludes me. What's the point of it and why do you have Discord? If you want the forum to look alive then post to the actual forum. Some box with a bunch of "hi" is such a fake. Why do you need to advertise about the section directly in the game? You can use your beloved box for it. Point is, that sometimes we have limited time for being in the game. If I join the game group it's because I want to play at that moment. If you wanted to advertise, you could have left the group. It's rather selfish to hold others back just because you suddenly want to advertise. I am not going to delete anything, for now, I am not such hot head as you may think so. As I said in the first post, I can be very emotional and that's something I cannot simply put away.
  5. FredyC

    Everyone is a noob...

    I am a very emotional person, I can get heated very quickly, especially if someone tries to show me his/her superiority or arrogance. We all are just highly imperfect people and we are doing plenty of mistakes and errors. If someone thinks about themselves opposite, then he/she is an idiot. We all learn whole life how to do things. Most of us can learn some skills faster and some cannot be learned for years. I am saying this because calling someone noob/retard/idiot/whatever because he/she did something that caused a negative effect on your gameplay is kinda retarded in its own way. You get frustrated by the incompetence of that person, that's understandable. However, why would you think that calling that person names can help the cause? Will that person be smarter next time? Hell no. That mistake will instantly get associated with negative emotion and any attempt to learn something from it just disappears. In the game like Crossout where you are driving some crazy ass car and trying to navigate through a bunch of obstacles and other players ... it's kinda predetermined that you will be doing a lot of mistakes. You will be ramming into your own team players causing their shot misses the target. You may be blocking someone simply because you cannot possibly watch every angle around you and see if there is another team player who might need you to move at different direction at that moment. It's impossible to predict such behavior. Yes, it's very probable that I have ruined the game for many people. So did many of you ruined the game for me. I may have been rude about it couple times, but now I understand it's just not anybody fault. It's a game that works in some way and you have to learn to live with it. Trying to "fix" someone else just creates a negative atmosphere and annoys it for everyone. I am not going name people involved in this incident. If you've got some balls, you will respond to this. If not, then we have nothing else to talk about and I simply cannot play the game with you.
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