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  1. Okay, so. Update time. I'm no longer using the PC with the specs above. I have just received a new PC with the following specs for those interested. CPU: AMD FX6300 Black Edition. 3.5GHz Turbo to 4.1GHz GPU: Asus Radeon R7 360 OC 2gb GDDR5 RAM: 1x 8GB Crucial DDR3 Memory MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-78-LMT-S2 Micro ATX I'll be locking this thread, though I appreciate every response from the people who replied and did offer help. Thanks alot.
  2. If it was the power supply, I don't think there would be lights, one from my mobo, and one from the my gpu. I think it's safe to say the psu is fine.
  3. Like I said, my pc refuses to even turn on. It doesn't post, no fans turn on. Absolutely no signs of life apart from the two lights on my Mobo and GPU. I had overclocked my CPU to 3GHz from 2.4 Because I'm dumb. But I did reset it back to base freq once I got the chance to. And yeah, no signs of life, fans don't whirr up or anything. Also. Motherboard is Asus P5K Ai 775 Socket CPU is Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
  4. A side note: I do plan on replacing the motherboard and/or the CPU if I have no other choice. I just need other options for the moment.
  5. Ok. So a few weeks ago, back in July, my PC was getting incredibly high temperatures, around 90C playing a game like PUBG. Soon enough, my pc started hard resetting with no errors, which to me seemed like a heating issue, as my temps shot immediately up from around 60 to 80 within seconds of the game starting, and then my PC would hard reset and reboot. I bought new thermal paste and when it arrived, I applied it to the CPU, a liberal amount which should've been no problem. I put everything back together, putting the Heat-sink back on, and plug the power cable back into my PSU. I go to start up my PC once all the cables are in, and... It doesn't boot. Mind you, the light on the inside of my case; on the motherboard is on, and the light on my GPU is on too. Eventually, it does turn on, and I go along with my day. I try to start up Titanfall 2, which I know my pc can run, justt about anyways. Aaand the same problem occurs. The pc shuts itself down and reboots. So, I didn't play Titanfall 2. Rather, I start up PUBG and try to play that, Which again, I've played pubg for the best part of 50 hours on steam with no problems at all. As soon as I reach the menu of PUBG, my PC reboots instantly, same as TF2. So I don't play anything, I just sit around on YouTube and discord... and not to mention the temps on Afterburner were all fucky, sitting around 100C for no apparent reason. I'd applied new Thermal paste, and there shouldn't be much of an issue. Maybe it takes a while for the paste to set and begin to transfer heat to the heatsink? I don't have a clue. Now, my pc refuses to start up after I put it into hibernation mode after I was done for the night. As soon as I did that, roughly a minute after, my PC didn't receive or output any power, as in sleep mode, my PC still supplies power to the USB ports which is how I charge my phone.. My phone wasn't charging, and my PC didn't respond to the clicking of my mouse or my keyboard and it refused to power on. This is where I'm at now. My PC does not turn on at all. There IS power, I have switched the RAM around, taken out and tried using a different GPU, Unplugging the GPU entirely. Taknig everything out of the PC. It just refuses to boot. It could either be my CPU, or my power supply. I have no clue and I'm so confused t o what it could be. It could either be my motherboard, or my CPU. But if it's not, then I don't want to take the chance and waste money on parts. Any advice is 100% appreciated because I'm entirely lost. Thanks in advance.
  6. As adding maps is a priority, I'll add the maps within this post. So for now. Closed
  7. AurA

    Poll about forum chat avtivation

    Premium Edition of CometChat is $249. It's quite an investment and I would advise against it as if you have steam, you can just pm people on steam or other Messaging services.
  8. I need suggestions for other maps. because playing the same few maps will get boring. hence this post.
  9. Making a deathrun map is a lot of hard work. Especially for only one map. Plus.. I don't know how to make cod4 maps.. especially deathrun maps.. cus you gotta code your own shit for it. So... I don't know.. Anyone who wants to, be my guest. but... I'm probably going to stick to maps that are downloadable.
  10. Okay. So. Deathrun map suggestions anyone? Currently, the maps within the default rotation of DR1.2 are as followed deathrun_bananaphone deathrun_darkness deathrun_glass deathrun_long deathrun_shortv1 v2 and v3 deathrun_supermario I plan on adding maps such as deathrun_dragonball and deathrun_semtex, and maybe even deathrun_bricky and imaginary etc. I wanna get some ideas and hear some map suggestions and if possible, I'll include them in the final compilation of the Deathrun mod, and of course, make it available for download via the forums.
  11. AurA

    Donation from L Jethro Gibbs

    Thanks bro
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